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Baldvin Oddsson Brings Holiday Cheer to Reykjavik’s Hospitals Through Music

Trumpet player Baldvin gave recitals for local hospitals and nursing homes in the Reykjavik, Iceland area for the holidays.

What: Performances at three different locations in Reykjavik for the holidays

When: December 2010

How: Baldvin organized three 30-minute performances at the following facilities: Grund (nursing home for the elderly), Skógarbær (nursing home for the elderly with Alzheimers), and the Childrens Hospital (for children of all ages). His father accompanied Baldvin on piano.  

“Christmas is a difficult time for (those) in long-term hospitalization and it is traditional for musicians to visit hospitals and old peoples' homes during the Christmas period when the days are shortest and darkest in Iceland… I want to communicate the pleasure that I get from playing and hope my playing gives them pleasure as well.”

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