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Building Schools in Afghanistan, One Concert at a Time

Inspired by stories of the dire educational opportunities for Afghani students, From the Top alum Leeza Ali has been holding concerts to raise money to build new schools in Afghanistan.


What: A benefit concert series to raise money for P.E.C.A. – Partnership for the Education of Children in Afghanistan, a charity that builds schools in Afghanistan, some specifically for girls, with the mission of providing a healthy and safe environment for these students.

When: Ongoing


How: Leeza says, "When I was in 8th grade, an exchange student from Afghanistan came to our school. She spoke to us about the living conditions back in her home country. With the Taliban and the distressing political situation, it was very hard for girls to obtain an education...She talked about the fear and difficulty she went through each day and how lucky she felt to be in Minnesota for her studies.

My sister (then a senior) and I were inspired to do something for girls in Afghanistan. We had the idea of starting a concert series that would raise money to help them.

So far, we have raised several thousand dollars, and my goal is to raise $20,000 as soon as possible.

The money we have raised has already been used to renovate schools that have been built in Afghanistan. I am extremely passionate about this cause and will definitely continue this concert series for as long as I can. 

It truly is one of the most gratifying things I have done in my life!"

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