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Chaz Salazar Gives Free Lessons in Phoenix, AZ

Chaz Salazar coached weekly sectionals and provides private flute lessons for students at his former school, Valley View Elementary in Phoenix, AZ. As a student at Rosie's House, a music academy that provides free private lessons for low-income families, Chaz believes strongly in giving back to his community.


What: Free flute instruction, comprised of weekly sectionals and private lessons  

When: 2009-2010

How: Chaz spoke with Valley View's band director to arrange sectionals and master classes for the flute students. Chaz started out teaching 30-minute sectionals, one for the fifth and sixth grade students and one for the seventh and eighth grade students. Each week he focused on a specific aspect of playing, such as posture, fingerings, and tone.

"My favorite moment in the process of teaching and learning is what I call the “A-ha” moment—the moment when the student suddenly has an epiphany. I love it when I’m teaching a flute class and one or all of the students know exactly what I’m talking about and apply it to their playing; it’s extremely rewarding," Chaz says.

"I believe that the students take away not only more information and knowledge about playing the flute but general insight about reaching certain goals; I believe this is a very important experience to have and understand because life is a journey."

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