Community Performances

“Experiencing great things can motivate us to want to be great ourselves.” - Wynton Marsalis

Share your music with new audiences outside of the concert hall…. schools, hospitals, retirement homes, playgrounds, in front of City Hall…get creative!

No matter where you play, the key to a powerful performance is CONNECTION. Share something about yourself, your instrument, the music…invite the audience into the music and help them find a meaningful connection.

Want to learn more?

This spring you will be able to download the Community Performances PDF Library which includes resources like:

  • Connecting with & understanding your audience
  • Principles of Interactive performance
  • Planning for different venues
  • Sample programs & planning worksheets
  • Public speaking tips
  • Follow-up, reflection, and feedback

In addition, here’s an easy way to bring music to more people and support a great cause --- Musequality World Busk works to support music programs for children in developing countries. Visit the site to find out how you can be a part of World Busk Day!

Interested in using music to support a cause? Check out the Fundraising section for more ideas! 

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