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Hyung-Do Kim Shares His Music with Senior Citizens of Edgewater, NJ

14-year-old pianist and From the Top alum Hyung-Do Kim and his sister have been giving back to their community by performing for senior citizens.For the past two years Hyung-Do and his sister, who plays the violin, have been sharing their love for classical music by giving concerts for the residents of Waterford Towers, a retirement center located in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Their most recent performance took place on July 16, 2010. Among their program were works by Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, and Bruch. 

Hyung-Do says, "The experience was great – I always love playing at senior centers because they really like when young people can display their talents so well. My favorite moment was after the performance when my sister and I both talked to the senior citizens, and they praised us for our skills on piano and violin.

At the end, my sister and I played “My Way” by Frank Sinatra as an encore for them to reminisce about their past. Some had tears in their eyes, and they told us to come back again.

From this experience, I learned that there are still many people in the world who are fond of classical music. The world now is mostly immersed in other music such as pop, hip-hop, rap, etc. I realized that spreading my talent to the world could better the classical music world, which seems so small compared to other music genres. This type of experience can help my development as a musician because, to be a musician, you need to do more than just play the music. You have to interact with the audience, and that is what my sister and I did after our performance."