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James Kim Explores the Power of Teaching through Yearlong Mentorship

15-year-old cellist James Kim gave free lessons to a young cellist for one full year, learning the value and hardships of mentoring.

What: James’ yearlong mentorship for young cellist and fellow New England Conservatory Preparatory (NEC Prep) Student Yuriko, with lessons occurring every Saturday at James’ home in Natick, MA.

When: 2009 – 2010

How: James first met Yuriko as a potential buyer of his old cello. Yuriko and her mother asked James for a demonstration, and were not only impressed with the cello but also with his playing. James then gave her a few pointers on technique and how to produce the best sound on the instrument. From that point on, James served as a mentor for Yuriko in her cello studies.

Yuriko and James would have lessons every Saturday afternoon, then travel together to Boston for chamber classes and orchestra at the NEC Prep School.

“I strongly believe that in order to share music with community, society, and the world, it all begins with deep and passionate one-on-one sharing of music; whether it be a verbal conversation or even performing for one another and possibly sharing views on cello technique, which is always exciting!” – James

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