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Jennifer Tu Runs a Piano Club for Her Peers

16-year-old pianist Jennifer Tu wanted to create a way for fellow classmates to mentor and connect with one another through the piano and music.

What: The Young Pianists Club – a student-run organization at the Ben Franklin High School where pianists can connect through peer mentorship and share musical ideas.

When: Since 2009

How: Jennifer Tu wanted to create a program for pianists at BFHS akin to the orchestra and band programs; in other words, a way for pianists to collaborate and mentor each other. She was able to make the Young Pianists’ Club an official student organization once she found a faculty advisor, created a board of officers, and designated a weekly meeting time.

The members meet on a rotating weekly basis: one week the beginners meet and learn the piano basics through peer mentorship (where her friends teach). The next week the advanced group meets to share ideas and perform for each other. The club also gives annual recitals that provide the student body performance opportunities and a fun musical experience

“(The) YPC is special in that its objective is to bring together otherwise solo instrumentalists, as well as reach out to our community with our love for music.”

“I believe that the club is an open, friendly community for the pianists at our school. We are hoping to explore more things we can do at our meetings and for our community, as well as to reach more people with our performances.”

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