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John Marcel Williams Shares Musical Experiences with Beginner Guitar Students from Carnegie, PA

Guitarist John Marcel Williams wanted to share his own learning and experiences with young guitarists of a nearby community to his hometown of Wintersville, OH.

What: A performance followed by a Q&A session for beginner guitarists who all study at the Pittsburgh Music Academy (PMA). There were 20 young guitarists in the audience, ranging from ages 6 to 12, who study with the Academy’s guitar instructor, Ron DuBois.

When: June 5th, 2011

How: John became connected with the Academy though its guitar instructor, Ron DuBois. The monthly recital provided a great opportunity to perform for and meet with the young guitarists in Ron’s studio. In addition to Ron encouraging his students to attend, the PMA advertised John’s performance on their website. John then developed a program that would demonstrate the diversity of the classical guitar’s repertoire.

“For me, it was such a great experience. Most of the kids had never heard advanced guitar music. It felt really good to be able to play for them and see that they were genuinely interested at such a young age.

In addition to the experience of playing for the kids, this event has encouraged me to do other community performances and volunteer playing. I have wanted to do similar projects in the past to the one I did with the PMA, but they were only ideas and never materialized. I believe this project has given me the confidence and experience to do additional performances.”

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