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John Ringor and Joshua Jones Show Chicago Youth Rhythm is It!

15-year-old John Ringor and 17-year-old Joshua Jones, both Chicago percussionists, gave a performance for Chicago-area children and their families.

What: a performance by John, Josh, and fellow percussionists of the Percussion Scholarship Group (PSG) for children and their families at the Chicago Symphony Center.

When: February 14, 2010

How: PSG is a program sponsored by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) that provides free lessons and instruments to its 21 members from the Chicago area – an inspiring example of arts leadership itself! Josh and John’s concert was part of the CSO’s Caminos a la Musica: a program that provides lower-income families the opportunity to see and experience classical music in a professional setting.

As members of PSG, John and Josh had a built-in group of talented and passionate musicians to join their project. They had two possible sites in mind – either their former elementary schools, or the Chicago Symphony Center through its Caminos a la Musica program. They chose the latter as it allowed them full access to a wide range of instruments, eliminated any travel issues and still allowed them to share their music and passion with children.

“Don't be afraid to try new things as you go. Always have a set goal, but if there is room for improvisation, take full advantage of it.” – Josh

“(We) chose to perform for kids because they are the people of the future; they will be the ones to shape the future of music. These people need to realize just how important music is so they can help promote and support it.” -John

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