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Marcus Rose Shares the “Universal Language” with Students through Music

17-year-old violist and Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Marcus Rose wanted to share his music and passion for teaching with students from Shreveport.

What: three 45-minute presentations for students, grades three through five, at the Claiborne Fundamental Magnet School in Shreveport, LA. The presentations were titled “Music is the Universal Language.”

When: February 24, 2011

How: Marcus was inspired to explore his love for teaching, and reached out to the Claiborne Fundamental Magnet School. He contacted the principal and the music teacher at the school, and they were both very excited about his workshop proposal! After receiving permission from Claiborne, Marcus set out to create a program that would demonstrate music as “the universal language.” He asked his friends Daniel Wheeler (violin), Danny Felty (violin), and Jacob Wheeler (cello) to join him on the performance.

“A main goal of mine was to influence the kids to continue in their musical endeavors until they’ve surpassed the end, but the primary theme was helping kids realize that music speaks a beautiful language to us every single day.”

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