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Meekyoung Lee Advocates for Music Education in the Ann Arbor School District

Meekyoung Lee, an 18-year-old flutist from Ann Arbor, MI, wrote a letter to Superintendent Todd Roberts, appealing for an increase in music support.

What: a written appeal to the superintendant of the Ann Arbor Public Schools District for increased spending on music education for the region’s schools and programs.

When: August, 4 2010 (date letter was sent)

Goal: to demonstrate the importance and value of music education in the state of Michigan, and to share her own personal achievements from musical development.

“Music makes people and communities stronger. Music is a source of joy and hope that people can recognize and embrace."

“I hope to become an advocate for instrumental music and the arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s public school system. Through letters, performances, presentations, participation at board meetings, etc. I want to give my audience a new perspective on the importance of music, and most importantly its preservation in the Ann Arbor public schools.” - Meekyoung

READ MORE by downloading the letter and a Q&A with Meekyoung.