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Meredith Kufchak and Siblings Bring Holiday Cheer through Christmas Music

16-year-old violinist Meredith Kufchak and her siblings performed to bring music and enjoyment to those without friends or family to celebrate Christmas.

What: a string quartet, comprised of Meredith and her siblings, performing traditional holiday music at the Marantha Church Fellowship Hall.

When: Christmas Eve 2010

How: The performance was part of a church-sponsored event at the Maranatha Church Fellowship Hall; a two-hour event complete with music, dinner and holiday celebration. Meredith has performed a number of times with her musical siblings, and the Christmas repertoire had all already been arranged by their father (also a musician) for the quartet. Emery Miller, a family friend, organized the dinner and invited the quartet to perform as background music.

“The music provided an atmosphere in which they could relax and enjoy themselves on Christmas Eve, even if they were not in an ideal situation. But I hope that by playing music for them, their Christmas was just a little bit happier than it would have been otherwise.” – Meredith

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