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Michael Ferri Gives Students in Cleveland a Taste for Classical Music

15-year-old violinist and Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Michael Ferri wanted to demonstrate the value of peer performance and mentorship by connecting with younger students of Cleveland.

What: performances at two schools in Cleveland for students ranging from Kindergarten to the 8th grade. The schools were the Marion-Sterling Elementary School and the E-Prep School.

When: December 2010

How: At the Marion-Sterling Elementary School, Michael demonstrated the violin and how it works to a class of first graders. He then traveled to the E-Prep School with Cleveland Orchestra violinist Isabel Trautwein to perform for kindergartners and first graders, culminating in a solo performance to an audience of over 300 middle school students!

“I hope to show the students that…interest in the arts in general can be a way of promoting a better social environment, and…that the study of a musical instrument is an invaluable tool for personal enrichment.”

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