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Rachel Kufchak Writes to her City Council Advocating for More Support for Music Education

Rachel Kufchak, an 18-year-old violist from Westerville, OH wrote a letter to her city council advocating for more support and financial aid for public school arts programs in Ohio.

What: a written appeal for enhancing curriculum and support of music education in the Westerville City School District of Ohio.

When: July 2010

Goals: to communicate the importance of making music education an available and valuable option in the public schools of Ohio, and throughout our nation.

“…taking music away from students is not only lowering the standards, it is also lowering the potential that they have to become musicians or to become great advocates for the arts. When you take away music, you take away our identity, our heritage, and our culture. And those are some of the greatest things that define us as human beings” – Rachel

READ MORE by downloading the full letter and a Q&A with Rachel.