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Ryan Norville Gives Back to His Old Elementary School Through Music

Flutist Ryan Norville wanted to show students from his old elementary school how music changed his life, and ways they too can take up an instrument and pursue a path in music.

What: Two programs for 4th and 5th graders, respectively, at Tanglewood Elementary School in Fort Myers, FL. Ryan was joined by flutist Michal Zeleny, another From the Top alum! (Show #226)

When: August 16, 2011

How: After contacting the principal at Tanglewood Elementary, Ryan discovered that they had just relaunched their music program after a two-year break. Excited to help usher in the new program, Ryan asked his friend Michal to join him. After establishing repertoire, the two thought about different experiences and opportunities to share with the students, hoping to each bring their own perspective to the program.

“My goal for this project was to inspire one person, at least one, to really take music seriously and to do something great with it, and to do something for their community.”

“I wanted to give back to the community in a way they gave back to me without even knowing…going there with my friend and actually playing instruments for those kids was a good way to show them what instruments can really do. Most kids don’t really know what to do when they just see pictures of them; I definitely didn’t when I was that young."

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