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Samantha Hankey Shares Music with Students at Her Old Elementary School

Samantha Hankey wanted to give kids from her old elementary school in Marshfield, MA a fun introduction to classical music.

What: a brief performance followed by a Q&A/informational session for 150 students grades three through five at Eames Way Elementary School of Marshfield, MA.

When: June 14th, 2011

How: Samantha wanted to reconnect with her old elementary school to show younger kids how fun and inspiring music can be, and to also introduce them to the numerous opportunities out there for those interested in becoming involved with music. At the end of the presentation, she handed out informational flyers about music organizations and ensembles in the Boston area.

“My goal…was to expose kids from my former elementary school to classical music, as I never had that opportunity as a child in Marshfield. I believe it’s extremely important to at least have the chance to know what else is out there aside from the media and what is taught in schools, often lacking the fine arts.”

I was truly inspired by the experience, and want to become more involved in sharing my passion with young students…I (now) think working with younger students is not only more effective, but very inspiring. After my performance I felt not only accomplished in my project with the students, but inspired to do more on my own in the future.”

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