From the Top
295 Huntington Ave. Suite 201
Boston, MA 02115
(Main) 617.437.0707
(Fax) 617.262.4190

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Scholarship Information: Ext 123
Show information or applications: Ext 134

Jennifer Hurley-Wales, co-CEO, Executive Producer
Gerald Slavet, co-CEO, Executive Producer
Cullen Bouvier, Executive Assistant to the CEOs, Ext 127


Content & Production:
Tim Banker, Director of Content & Production, Ext 109
Tom Vignieri, Music Director, Ext 110
Elizabeth DeVore, Production Manager, Ext 108
Erin Nolan, Admissions Manager & Assistant Music Producer, Ext 114
Mark Williams, Recruitment & Alumni Relations Coordinator, Ext 118
Ami Porder, Senior Producer & Director of From the Top's YouTube Series
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Admissions & Alumni Relations:
Tim Lienhard, Director of Admissions & Alumni Relations, Ext 121
Claire Shepro, Scholarship & Admissions Coordinator, Ext 123
Mark Williams, Recruitment & Alumni Relations Coordinator, Ext 118


Education & Community Outreach:
Linda Gerstle, Director of Education & Community Partnerships, Ext 122
Michael Dahlberg, Program Manager, National Tour, Ext 135
Shea Mavros, Program Manager, Greater Boston, Ext 115
Katie Piselli, Program Coordinator, Ext 126


Lynne Rutkin, Director of Development, Ext 120
Laura Cannata, Development Manager, Institutional Giving, Ext 105
Nicole Wittlin, Development Manager, Individual Giving, Ext 116
Kara O'Keefe, Development Officer, Events & Stewardship, Ext 125
Marissa Finer, Development Associate, Ext 104


Marketing & Communications:
Jodi Beznoska, Director of Marketing & Communications, Ext 117
David Balsom, Tour Producer, Ext 107
Robin Allen LaPlante, Marketing & Communications Manager, National Tour, Ext 103
Elizabeth Erenberg, Marketing & Communications Manager, Greater Boston, Ext 128
Joanne Robinson, Radio Announcer & Senior Designer, Ext 112
Noah Craigwell, Media Coordinator, Ext 111


Finance & Administration:
Dianne Collazo, Director of Finance & Administration, Ext 106
Victor Gorospe, Manager, Information Systems, Ext 113
Dorothy Zarren, Finance & Administration Associate, Ext 129