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Taeguk Mun Performs to Benefit Children Around the World

16-year-old cellist Taeguk Mun wanted to support the efforts of his local church’s missions abroad through performance.

What: a benefit recital at the Hyo Shin Bible Presbyterian Church of New York, NY; all proceeds went towards a charity program that supports Bangladeshi youth

When: March 6, 2011

How: Taeguk wanted to raise money for a charity program benefitting children in Bangladesh, and managed to raise just under $1,000 for the cause! With the help of his church, his family, and From the Top, Taeguk was able to organize a successful performance. He was accompanied by Noreen Polera on the piano, with a guest appearance by the Hyo Shin Little Choir.

“I learned that through what I love to do the most, I can help people in so many different ways. I can have benefit concerts to help a cause, or I can just play my music and make people feel happy and relaxed. I think it is amazing how I can actually make people feel any emotion through my music.”

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