Team GEEKsystem at Conservatory Lab

"I learned so many things that I never thought I would have learned and I apply them to my everyday life, like writing down your goals and setting deadlines." – Graziella Oliveira, Class of 2011 Arts Leader

Team GEEKsystem worked with Conservatory Lab in Brighton – a pre-K through grade six charter school that has adopted El Sistema as its in-school music program. El Sistema, a music program for underserved youth that began in Venezuela, has changed the life trajectory of hundreds of thousands of youth globally. The program at Conservatory Lab offers approximately 15 hours of music instruction per week for 169 elementary school students.

As part of a broad Conservatory Lab sponsored outreach effort, GEEKsystem facilitated a relationship between
Conservatory Lab and the Somerville community to help lay the foundation for a new in-school El Sistema elementary school program.

They organized a joint concert with the Conservatory Lab and Somerville students as an important first step. Team members managed all aspects of the concert – drafting press releases and publicity posters, reaching out to key stakeholders in the community, recruiting parents and Somerville school board members, and preparing all materials needed for the day of the actual concert, including a pre-produced video.

Hundreds of Somerville children’s lives may be impacted because of GEEKsystem’s commitment to this effort.

"We want every kid to share in this life changing experience!”

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