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Tiffany Cheung Writes on Behalf of the Honolulu Symphony and the Importance of Classical Music

17-year-old pianist Tiffany Cheung wrote an article to raise awareness on the financial crisis of the Honolulu Symphony and its importance to the community.

What: an article discussing the beauty and value of classical performance, demonstrating the need for organizations like the Honolulu Symphony in our society.

When: March 2010 

Goals: to share the importance of maintaining the classical music tradition in Hawaii, and to draw attention to the financial crisis of (and ideally support for) the Honolulu Symphony.

“The leaders and people in Hawaii need to know how important music is to Hawaii; I believe that the best way to convey this message is by writing an article from a student’s perspective like mine…In the last couple of years, the Honolulu Symphony has been facing financial problems due to the lack of funding and donations…as of today, there are no professional orchestras/symphonies in Honolulu."

“I hope the people in Hawaii will learn to appreciate the Symphony and how much it means to music students like me. All musicians need support from the public; they need people to share their music with.” – Tiffany

READ MORE by downloading the full story and a Q&A with Tiffany.