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Tim Woos Shows How Making Music can be Fun with the “Composing Game”

17 year-old composer/bassoonist and From the Top alum Tim Woos held composition workshops to engage the kids at two schools in Vermont.

What: Tim visited the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington and the North Branch School in Ripton to demonstrate what it means to compose music, and how music defines both who we are and how we live. He created an interactive program, called the “composing game,” that engaged the students as composers using visual aids and noisemakers.

When: May 2010

How: Tim had to contact the individual schools to receive permission for his program as well as schedule a date for each appearance. He also had to gather materials, instruments and noisemakers to use in the program and create a customized lesson plan for the “composing game”; a game he learned about from music educator, Martha Ming Whitfield. David Ludwig, his teacher, also served as a mentor throughout the process.

Tim says, "It was an incredible experience. The students were as engaged and excited about what we were doing as they possibly could have been."

"I wanted them to see that no matter what it is they create, whether it’s a poem, a drawing, or a piece of music, the process of creating that thing is very engaging and feels really good to do. It was a really great project. I know I got a lot out of it, and I know the students did as well." 

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