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Yifan Wu Performs for the Elderly of Flushing, NY

Pianist Yifan Wu wanted to share his music with senior citizens from his hometown.

What: A performance for members of the Korean American Senior Center of Flushing, NY.
When: September 1, 2011

How: Yifan contacted the Center in hopes of visiting with its members during one of their regular activity sessions. The Center heartily agreed, and developed activities to engage its members during the session. After Yifan's performance, the audience was encouraged to try their own hand at the piano using electric keyboards provided by the Center. A group of dance instructors were also present to encourage audience participation through dance and movement.

“This performance showed me that the main point is not how good a performance is, but to bring happiness to your audience. They were all really sweet, and love life and music. At this event, my music brought them happiness, which made me very happy.”

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