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Yurie Mitsuhashi Brings Classical Music and Dance Together for Children of Fort Lee, NJ

17-year-old violinist Yurie Mitsuhashi explored the relationship between music and dance with elementary students from her hometown of Fort Lee, NJ

What: interactive performances on the relationship between classical performance and dance for students grades two through six at two different elementary schools in Fort Lee, NJ.

When: May 24th & 25th, 2010

How: Yurie wanted to share with students how music can tell a story and how they can enjoy listening even more when they explore those stories and use their imagination. She shared a wide range of music, portraying dances from many different cultures and time periods, and allowed plenty of time for the students’ insightful questions and comments. Yurie was accompanied on the piano by her mother, and was also joined by a violinist friend for one of the musical selections.

“There’s nothing more pleasing for children to see than a musician with a grin a mile wide. It shows them that they’re in for something fun and interesting rather than boring and bland.” - Yurie

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