Music to Me DVD

Music to Me CoverMusic to Me (shown right) is a 4-minute video designed to inspire young musicians to reach for the stars.  A wide variety of young musicians talk about why they play and what music means to them.  Also on the DVD are 2 full episodes of From the Top at Carnegie Hall.

Suggested Activities

Use this video to inspire and entertain your class. After watching Music to Me, use the following questions to start a group discussion. 

Elementary Grades:

  • Which of the musicians or instruments stood out the most to you? Why?

  • Did all of the performers love playing their instruments at first? Ask your students to share their experiences starting out at a new activity, whether it’s music, sports, academics, or something else. 

Middle Grades:

  • What were some of the reasons the musicians shared about why they play music? Why do you play or listen to music?

  • How does your instrument or favorite activity reflect your personality?  

  • Based on what you heard from the young musicians, what does it take to get really good at music? Does this apply to other activities, like sports or academics? How?

High School Grades:

  • What were some examples the musicians shared about classical music in popular culture? What other examples can you think of? (Teacher note: You could use this as a part of a segment on film scores)

  • What are some of the stereotypes about classical music that the musicians shared? What else could you add? Do you agree? What are some stereotypes about other kinds of music?

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