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“Young musicians who will knock your socks off!” NBC’s Today Show

11-year-old violinist Elizabeth Aoki at Aspen Ideas Festival

11-year-old violinist Elizabeth Aoki at Aspen Ideas Festival

A From the Top live performance offers an inspiring dose of kids, music, and great storytelling. You’ll meet incredible young people who play classical music at the same level as professionals − and often with even more passion and energy − and hear about their diverse lives outside of music.

Recent corporate event partners include: Founders Forum, YouTube, EG Conference, Aspen Ideas Festival, MSNBC, The Friends of  Hudson River Park, Boston Children’s Museum, Google Zeitgeist, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, Glenmede, Greylock Partners, Sterling Partners, Kellogg Innovation Network, Cue Ball, and the National Educators Association Annual Convention.

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From the Top “Moment of Inspiration” (see flyer)

A 15-20 minute moment of pure inspiration and entertainment with an amazing young From the Top performer(s) during your conference or company meeting. From the Top has offered such services to Aspen Ideas Festival, YouTube, Google Zeitgeist, Greylock Partners, Sterling Partners, Cue Ball, and Kellogg Innovation Network. Moment fee starts at $5000, plus lodging and travel expenses for musician(s), chaperone(s), and From the Top production staff. For more information contact Jodi Beznoska at 617.437.0707 x117 or

“Bravo! From the Top’s mission, and especially Ade Williams, the young performer representing them, added the perfect combination of entertainment and inspiration to KIN Global 2013. She opened our event with a flourish and added her unique perspective as a member of the upcoming generation.” Robert C. Wolcott, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network, Northwestern University

Recording of NPR’s From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley for your private audience

A 90 minute event which includes on-air recognition for conference and its sponsors, reaching more than 220 radio stations and nearly 600,000 listeners, each broadcast is aired twice within a 12-month period and made available for online streaming and podcast. Recording fee starts at $25,000, plus lodging and all house production costs (estimated between $5,000-$10,000); fee includes one community outreach event and From the Top talent, travel and radio production, personnel and associated costs. Conference organizer keeps box office and sponsorship sales (if applicable). For more information, contact David Balsom at 617.437.0707 x107 or