Are children being exposed to classical music?

An interesting article from England about the state of music education appeared in The Guardian last week. How are schools in your part of the world promoting music education? What can we do better?

At From the Top, we have been working in three Boston Public Schools for the past two years through a generous grant from the Wallace Foundation. The program brings From the Top performers into classrooms to introduce students to classical instruments and repertoire. The 3rd through 5th grade students also attend From the Top’s live radio tapings with their families. Over the course of our relationship with these schools, we have noticed that the students’ interest in meeting young musicians has grown, as has their curiosity in the workings of the instruments and the music itself. Children will dance in their seats to the music of Bach, Mozart, and Prokofiev, we just need to give them a chance to experience it.

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    When some people think of Central Indiana, they may often have the idea that this wouldn’t be the first place where kids have many opportunities for exposure to classical music. Carmel, Indiana would be the place where that idea is shattered…completely! Our classical music programs in each of our 3 middle schools and in our outstanding High School prove that Carmel Indiana Schools are leading the way for students to experience Classical Music at the highest level. Not only do we have Orchestra programs in every level of Middle School, but at Carmel Middle School, there is a Jazz Band that is second to none! My son has been playing Bass in the Carmel Middle School Orchestra since the 6th grade and has had the privilege of being taught by Natalie Bieda, one of the most talented young Directors in any school music program, anywhere, hands down. At every 5th grade call out for the Orchestra program, we are inundated with hundreds of children that have heard our music programs and want to be part of something excellent in the Classical Music genre. Carmel really does value the arts in their schools and has done so many things right to keep Classical Music a priority and a tradition in our community.The city of Carmel also has their own outstanding Symphony Orchestra. What’s more, the new Performing Arts Center is in its final stages of being built! What a wonderful way to reinforce to our young artists that Classical music, and the arts in general, are an integral part of a full education and well rounded life.

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