Konpeito Cello Quartet, cello quartet

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Meet Konpeito Cello Quartet

Konpeito Cello Quartet performed on Show 301, recorded in San Francisco, CA, on February 14, 2015; and Show 288, recorded in Tacoma, WA, on April 24, 2014.

Show bio from Show 288:

Konpeito Cello Quartet is based at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and coached by Jonathan Koh. Its members are 17-year-old cellist Irene Jeong from Palo Alto, California; 16-year-old cellist Catherine Kim from Palo Alto, California; 17-year-old cellist Minku Lee from Palo Alto, California; and 15 year-old cellist Jeremy Tai from Cupertino, California.

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