Olivia Cosio, mezzo-soprano

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Meet Olivia

Olivia Cosio appeared on Show 278, recorded in October 2013, at age 17.

Program Bio from Show 278:

Olivia Cosio (mezzo-soprano), 17, is from San Francisco, California, where she studies with Todd Wedge at the San Francisco School of the Arts. At school, she participates in the full choir, chamber choir, and the women’s choir. She is a recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. Past experiences include the voice program at the Chautauqua Institute and programs at the Oberlin Conservatory and San Francisco Conservatory. She also plays the piano and sings jazz. In her spare time, she can often be found at the Breakthrough Collaborative, where she volunteers as a tutor and teacher.

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