Sarina Zhang, piano

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Meet Sarina

Sarina performed on  Show 294, recorded in August 2014, at age 18. Before that, she appeared on Show 236, recorded in June 2011, at age 15, Show 163, recorded in July 2007 at age 11, and Show 112, recorded in December 2004, at age 8.

Show 294 bio:

From the Top Alumni Trio The trio’s member’s include 17-year-old cellist Anne Richardson from Louisville, Kentucky (original From the Top appearance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2011); 15-year-old cellist Zlatomir Fung from Westborough, Massachusetts (appeared on From the Top in 2011, 2013, and 2014, all in Boston, Massachusetts); and 18-year-old pianist Sarina Zhang from San Diego, California (appeared on From the Top in 2004 in San Diego, California; in 2007 in Lewiston, New York; and in 2011 in Rockport, Massachusetts).

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