Brother and Sister Animated Duet

Noah and Sydney Lee hail from Oakland, New Jersey, and are a brother and sister duo with some serious cello skills. They’ve both been on NPR’s From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley (Noah on Shows 310 and 241), and Sydney on Show 249), but it’s safe to say you’ve never seen or heard them quite like this:

The filmmaker, Dillon Buss, and animator Jack Quinn, used a technique called rotoscoping, where live action video is “traced” and animated throughout. The piece, Passacaglia in G minor on a Theme by Handel by Johan Halvorsen, fits well with this technique, as the theme introduced early on is repeated with different variations throughout. This lends itself well to different variations of animation as the video progresses.

We hope you enjoy our latest video effort, and we’d really, really, like it if you shared it far and wide. We think it’s time to challenge the cat video status quo with a little classical music (though don’t get us wrong, we love cat videos too).

  • cjcellosociety

    This is a really great endeavor from so many standpoints. It’s musical, entertaining and educational. Congratulations on this wonderfully creative project!
    Thanks for explaining that you used a technique called rotoscoping. I would love to see more cellists transformed (as they are playing) into images that outline their bodies. I would love to take it even one level further so that you could even see their bone structures, especially the spine and the arms. This would be so helpful for those learning to play the cello!

  • jbeznoska

    Thank you so much for the comment – it’s great to hear of the educational possibilities as well as the fun. :) -Jodi at From the Top