Annual Fund and Community Outreach Program Supporters

From the Top thanks the following contributors for their generous unrestricted and programmatic support between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Please contact Shirley Barkai at 617.437.0707 x104 to update us on any changes.



Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

$100,000 – $499,999

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Eileen and Jack M. Connors, Jr.

William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust

The Klarman Family Foundation

Gerald and Susan Slavet

$50,000 – $99,999

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation

New England Conservatory*

The Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation


Barr Foundation

Sidney E. Frank Foundation


The Janey Fund

The Lost & Foundation, Inc. / The Curme Family

Massachusetts Cultural Council

National Endowment for the Arts

John and Janet Pattillo

The Winn Family Charitable Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Associated Chamber Music Players (ACMP)

Barbara and Kennett Burnes

Barbara and Amos Hostetter

Jennifer and Edward Hurley-Wales

Karma For Cara Foundation

Elaine and Robert LeBuhn

LP Charitable Trust

Nancy and Richard Lubin

Mortimer Charitable Lead Trust

Deborah Munroe Noonan Memorial Fund, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

The Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust

Tenea LLC*

The Volgenau Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Automatic Data Processing Matching Gift Program

Kent and Marie-José Baum

Susan Beckerman

The Edward T. Cone Foundation

The Aaron Copland Fund for Music

Eran and Yukiko Egozy

Russell and Carol Faucett

David Feigenbaum and Maureen Meister

Guy and Pam Forman

Jessica and Mats Lederhausen

Linde Family Foundation

The LIZ Peace Fund

Heather MacDonald

Harold I. Pratt and Frances G. Pratt

Samet & Company, PC*

Marie Louise and David Scudder

The Sea Breeze Foundation

Wendy Shattuck and Sam Plimpton

Philip and Margaret Verleger*

Janet and Dean Whitla


The Baupost Group Matching Gift Program

Albert and Brenda Butzel

Jane Chen and Dahong Qian

Susan and Eric Dunn

Tracey and David Frankel

Harriett and Richard Gold

Soo Youn and Peter Lee

Marsh & McLennan Agency

Aaron E. Morgan, Esq.*

Lindsay Roberts and Richard Shepro

Fredericka and Howard Stevenson

U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Hadassah Wagner



The ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund

The Paul and Edith Babson Foundation

Jose R. Berrios

Edward Boesel

Boston Cultural Council

Nancy and Jack Braitmayer

Leslie and Harmar Brereton

Carroll and John Cabot

Judith Carroll

Molly Chappellet

Deborah and John Chipman

Ed, Laura, and John Henry Crawford

Ben and Linda Davis

Inanna Donnelley and Jeffrey Taback

Joan and Domenic Favero

Tom Foster and Steve Dahllof

Linda and Michael Frieze

Edward Goldberg

Leah Hurley

IBM Matching Grants Program

David Jackson

Dodge Jones Foundation

David Kao

Kathryn Kucharski

Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Lori Laitman and Bruce Rosenblum

Mr. John Lee

Stuart and Jennifer Litwin

José and Ina Lopez

Barbara H. McElnea

Linda and Steve Millard

Rebecca and Michael Murray

Robert Treat Paine Association

James L. Parmentier and Elizabeth Fowler

Susan and Kennedy Richardson

Merrilee Salmon

Nancy Schwartz-Weinstock and Steven Weinstock

Carole and Peter Segal

Elizabeth Sikorovsky

Richard and Claudia Swager

Michael Thurber

Carlos Tome and Theresa Kim

Jeffrey Wagner

Elizabeth Warsaw

Meike and Markus Wernig

Robert and Linda Williams

Patricia and Howard Wilson

Christopher Wolf and James Beller

Sidney and Deanna Wolk

Anonymous (4)

$500 – $999

Marsha & Thomas Alperin Family Fund

Tom and Tosh Barron

John and Molly Beard

Irit and Hillel Benavi

Phuong Bui

Susan and Ned Coen

Howard Cohen and Myra Musicant

Noe and Tom Congdon

Peter Conrad

Andrea Coville and John Brodeur

Drs. John and Lois Crowe

Dwyer Family

Sally and Michael Feder

Marcia and Donald Flaks

Dr. Peter Heydon

Yvette Hochberg

Kathryn Jennings

William and Gretchen Kimball Fund

Deborah and Michael Klein

Kristi and Sherman Lewis

Steele Lipe Charitable Gift Fund

Elizabeth Morgan

Richard P. and Claire W. Morse Foundation

Ernest Murillo

Susan and Bill Nash

Mrs. Henry G. Parker III

Myra and Robert Rich

Sally and Peter Rosenberg

Joshua and Lori Schuldiner Schor

H.E. Schulman

Jinfan Shaw

Thomas Swan

Patricia and Howard Wilson

Gabrielle Wolohojian

$250 – $499

Vivian and Norman Belmonte

Tina Bilhorn

Edward Blaha

Linda Blum

Chevron Humankind Employee Engagement Fund

Mary L. Cornille and John F. Cogan

Leslie and Richard Curtis

Howard S. Davis

Charlotte and Arthur Ellis

Stephen Esko

Joanna Fan

Susan and Charles Fisher

Rebecca Gelman

Jacqueline and Alan Goldberg

Thomas and Polly Povejsil Heath

Ms. Jones-Stavros

Sherry and Daniel Kasper

Michael Klein and Joan Fabry

Judy and Richard Lappin

Sarah and Richard LeBuhn

Louise Lee and Krishnan Padmanabhan

Elaine and Ward Lindenmayer

Mr. Jerry Merson and Mr. David Collins

Regina Mullen

Maureen and Andy Nguyen

Howard and Joan Oestreich

Harry Rush

Pat and Eugene Sikorovsky

Lee T. Sprague

Curt Strand

Jack Test

Louise Todd Ambler

The Walsh Charitable Fund


Nicole Wittlin

Wright Ranch & Resources, L.L.C

Peggy and Lee Zeigler



The Abouleish Family

Randa and Jonathan Abramson

Marlene Allen and Wayne Everett

Amazon Smile Foundation

Marianne Antoniak and Stan Gertzbein

Diane M. Austin and Aaron J. Nurick

Kristina Bacon

Bank of America Matching Gift Program

Michele and James Banker

Susan Benjamin

Mary and George Bereska

Jodi and Sadie Beznoska

Doreen Biebusch

Lynne Bisagno and Michael Garwood

Mrs. Francis Blake

Judith and Marvin Blase

Barbara Brabetz

Ronald Brown

Van Bui

Dorothy Cameron

Regina Campbell

John A. Carey

Judy and John Chalison

Sin-Tung Chiu

Mark Churchill

Scott and Peggy Cmiel

Emma and Bernard Conyers

Rev. Eloise A. Cowherd

Barbara and Herschel Cravitz

Catherine and Peter Creighton

Kim Cromwell and Kathy Cote

Gene and Lloyd Dahmen

Philip Daoust

Jane Carmen Davis

Anita Diamant and James R. Ball

Curtis B. Edmundson

Marypat Ehlmann

Dalene Eimon

Richard and Marilyn Engle

Marsha Ezelle and David Farrell

Patrick Fedder

Sistie Fischer

Patricia Freysinger

Donna and Glenn Gabanski

Dottie and James Garrett

Orin Gima

David Goldstein

Howard Goldstein

Sandra and Lester Goldstein

Susanne H. Goldstein

Robert Griffin

Anne and David Guyett

Miriam and Jacob Halperin-Maya

Sharon Hamersley and Willkie Cirker

Mary Heafy and John Smith

Gene Heyman

Curtis Hinckley

Lucy and Alan Hinman

Carol and Fred Hochberg

William Hoffman

Eun-Mee and William Hong

Ross Honig

June Hu and Jian Zhou

Kuolin Hua and Yeo Ding

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hunnewell, Jr.

Jennifer Huntington

Michael Hyatt

Marilyn Ivy and John Pemberton

Donita Jacques and Christopher Calvin

Mrs. Samuel W. Keller

John Kelly

Richard and Marcia Klafter

Sandra and James Lancaster

James Langworthy

Linh and Toan Le

Kristin Lee

Karen S. Levy

Denise and Timothy Lewis

Marlee Lin

Annie and Andrew Lippman

Dr. Shan-Lee Liu and Dr. Po-Shang Chen

Margaret P. and Robert Lloyd

Robin and Eddie Louie

Barbara and Robert Luce

Amy Ma and Leon Xia

Erin and Patrick MacCurtain

Clare and James Mackie

Clemencia and John Mazuski

Peg McCarthy and Scott Teeter

Mary Jane McGoey

Merck Gives Back Employee Giving Program

Esther J. Miller

Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler

Sharon Miranda

Carol and Philip Murray

Barbara and Paul Park

Buffy Parker

Dr. Victor and Jane Parsonnet

Doris and Didier Peron

Bach Phan

Matthew Pillar


Glenn Prestwich

Joan and Robert Reamer

Lynn Rothberg

Rick and Lynn Russell

Diane Ryan

Michael and Gloria Salazar

Donald and Mary Schilling

Patricia Shanahan and Knut Nordness

Robert N. Shapiro

Ted and Mary Jo Shen

Stephen Siegelman

Aline Soules

Square Mile Energy, L.L.C.

Carolyn Stoner and Yotam Barkai

Marcia D. Strickland


Elizabeth and Roger Summons

Carol S. Sykes

Barbara and Lloyd Tarlin

Richelle and Jeff Tarlin

Marlene and Eric Taussig

Naomi Teplow

Susan and Michael Thonis

Janice Tilson

Susan W. Tofias

Rebecca Travis

Marilyn and Murry Waldman

Hongyue Wang and Changyong Feng

Lynda and Doug Weiser

Mary Weissblum

Deborah Wexler and Michael Mann

Gwen White

Richard Wills

Mary-Margaret Wittlin

Marilyn Wong Gleysteen

Craig Yamamoto

Songmei Yang and Hongying Sheng

Joanne and Richard Zaiger

Anonymous (5)


Barbara and Theodore Alfond

Robin Allen LaPlante

Laura G. Ames

Tasha and David Balsom

Irit and Joe Barkai

Daniel Bensky

Robert Berkowitz

Betty Bolander

Phyllis Brooks

Susan and Michael Brown

Leslie Brunetta and Peter Loftus

Dorothy Buck and Anselm Blumer

Jane Butlin

Caroline Cardiasmenos

Kenneth Carter

Barbara and Robert Cornell

Bayla & Richard Cornell

Stephanie and Florin Costache

Barbara and Wayne Davey

Elizabeth DeVore and Christopher Maguire

John & Nancy Durein

Mary Eames-Rock

Joyce Eddy and Arthur Green

Margaret Elcock

Erik Eriksen

Shirley Ferguson Rayport, M.D.

Michelle Fineblum and Michael Gevelber

Lois and Arthur Feinstein

Robert Frear

Anne and James Garrett

Elaine George

Lisa Gillman

Sharon B. Girard, NCTM

Jane Goldfarb

Christina Gonzalez

Donna Coleman Gregg

Anne Gregory

Peter and Pascale Haft

Richard Haines

Melissa Hankowski

Lindsay Hanson

Linda Heffner

Eric & Judy Herbst

Esther and Gene Herman

Joseph Hoffman

Gary Hook

Ani and Jirair Hovsepian

Pamela Howard

Diana Huang and Canlin Chen

Pam and John Humphrey

Henry Hwu

Julia and David Jones

Karen and Alan Jordan

Susan and F. Joseph Kiefner

Bette and Stephen Kirschtel

Anna Kuhr

Monique Kunewalder

June and Bob LaBar

Sarah Laven

Scott and Becky Lehmann

Katie and Xiaojian Li

Chad Lilley

Carolin Lowy

John Martino

Victor & Ruth McElheny

Jenny Meadows

Mrs. Cristina Mendoza and Mr. Santiago Urrutia

Frederick and Isabell Morris

Celso Morrison

Nancy and Wayne Musselwhite

Amy and Carl Nathan

Ruth Nemzoff and Harris Berman

Peg O’Connell

Chiyoko Parsons-Nakagawa

Madeleine and Louis Pasteelnick

Beverly and Richard Peiser

Dorothea and Paul Penar

Drew Petersen

Robyn and Glen Peterson

Ellen Petri and Jonathan Klein

Deborah and Tim Price

Sue and Bernard Pucker

Harvey and Carol Raff

Ann and David Rigney

Joanne and Donald Roberson

Victoria Roemer

Evelyn Root

Hugh Russell and Ken Allen

Shannon and Gordon Shannon

Steven Smith

Grayson Sparkman

Nancy and Fred Stine

Oanh Ta

Ann and Lawrence Tabony

Louise and Daniel Tarsy

Linda Theophilus and Dennis Orsen

Suzanne M. Thomas

Diane and Neal Thurber

Charles and Donnie Townsend

Thomas Tragardh and David Cortez

Deborah and Herbert Turney

Stephen Unwin


Stephen Vorenberg

Donna and Tom Ward

John Warshawsky

Richard Watson

Judith Weintraub and Gregory Dubac

Hubert Whitlow

Eleanor Winslow

Mrs. Raol A. Wolf

Florence Wolohojian

John Woodman

Susan and Paul Wuest

Claudia and Navah Yellin

Wendy Yip

Chien Yueh and Mandarin Cheung-Yueh

Felicia Zekauskas and Peter Maloney

Anonymous (8)