What does music mean to you?

Helen Ensign, from Atlanta, GA writes:

“I play the violin today, I’m 50, because of a school string program. Music kept me sane in school and serves still as a social network and mental workout. It is not and never has been a career, but I’ve played for most of my life. I play for love.”

So tell us, what does music mean to you? Leave your comments!

  • Good question. Everyone has there own mean. Music to me is a mixture of emotions. music is art that expresses people and the emotions that they have going on within there life.

  • JB

    I’ve always loved to answer this question, only because it comes easy to me. Music to me is basically what keeps me in check. The instruments played, the tempo, the rhythm, just that feeling you get when you hear something you can bob your head to. I’m a big Heavy Metal guy, while for some it may pump them up, for me it calms me down. I like the lesser hardcore things too, things that are much more soothing and calming yet not too soft and enough to pump me up a bit. When I was younger I didn’t understand much what people meant when they said that music was their life, but now I understand. Music is what I listen to when I wake up. Music is what I want even when I don’t need it. Basically, a day without music is like a day without food. If I don’t have it I feel empty. My music expresses how I feel at the moment and it’s exactly what I anticipate to hear the most in my day. Music is a BIG part in my life, and I’m just happy that I can wake up, go to my computer/mp3, sit back-relax and just do what’s possibly most important to me and that’s listen to music!

  • Aurora

    it’s my drug